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Artists of the Alphabet Our artist create each and every custom sign allowing your customer's image to be presented clearly and correctly. No need to settle for off the self-products that only come close. Virtually any shapes can be created in custom depths that gives you the freedom to design and offer your customer an exact reproduction of their signage. Using a verity of nonferrous metals and plastics, the essence of the design can be created in natural metal finishes or a rainbow of colors. View Our Gallery

Fabricated Letters

Fabricated letters, panels, bars and shapes incorporate a strong, lightweight, durable  and hollow design that can be reproduced in a wide variety of custom heights, depths, shapes and materials. Backs can be added for strength, freestanding, keeping birds out or for decorative viewable from all sides. Plex backs can also be added for house LED lighting . So what ever your preference halo lighting, freestanding, wall mounting or something custom fabrication makes for a stunning displays inside or outside.

Solid Plate Letters

Solid plates offer the ability to create from simple to intricate letters, panels, bars and shapes in a wide variety of thicknesses and materials. Their flat backs allowing for different mountings including free standing, double face taping or layering of one to form mutable depth designs on letters and shapes on panels. Used both inside and outside for building and room identification to famous quotes or a intricate display. Whether using the natural beauty of the metal or a rainbow of colors these will catch your eye.


When it comes to the final touch we offer a wide range of finishing options. From natural metals finishes to painting a rainbow of colors, from frisk and painting to anodizing we can take care of your needs. All colors are custom mixed in our shop so we have no standard color charts to lock us down. From custom paint matches to formulas for most major paint companies we offer it all.


While we offer a standard stud mount on most of our products, by no means are we limited to just that. Bottom studs, bar mounts, channel mounts, free standing, screw plates or double face tape. We can also do custom mountings that fit your needs. Just let us know and we will figure something out.

Custom Projects

Not every customer’s needs are as simple as letters and logos. We do specialty work, too. Monitor & tablet covers, Crosses, post and panels, banner holders, photo opts signs and specialty cabinets . We use direct printing, digital prints or mask and painting to achieve the look we need. We will work closely with you and your design and build just what you want.

LED Halo Lighting

“When the sun goes down you’ll be grooving.” With the addition of LED lights in the backs of our fabricated characters, your sign will be glowing, and the wall will be bathed in light. You can choose from a variety of colors to form a halo effect around the charters. Whether you are installing outdoors to illuminate for night reading or inside as accent lighting, our LED lighting options offer a clean, elegant architectural look. 

Custom Finishes

Creating stunning displays with the use of multiple colors and processes. We can match the design and graphics for your project through masking and painting, digital prints, or direct printing. 


Our Work

The Griffon specializes in customized fabricated and solid plate characters to create lettering, logos, and icons for interior and exterior signage.

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