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The Griffon, Inc., founded in 1981, was built on the promise of producing the highest quality, custom signage for any industry. We specialize in fabricated and solid plate characters, creating letters, logos and icons for interior and exterior signage.

From start to finish, The Griffon prides itself on listening closely to what customers want, then fabricating products that exceed expectations. Our attention to detail enables us to offer nearly the exact reproduction of a letter style and logo. Each and every piece is professionally crafted to your specifications, and the essence of the design is captured in the finishing touches.

We are the Artists of the Alphabet, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with custom signage that contributes powerfully to their projected image and reputation. We strongly believe that customers should not have to settle for a stock letter off the shelf, and we have spent more than 35 years perfecting our process. We can create virtually any shape that fits your design and will build a lasting impression.